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Beyond enhancing your space with life and dimension, plants help purify the air, uplift your mood and even encourage mindful rituals. If you’ve ever picked up a new plant, gotten home, and felt lost on making it work with your existing design and decor, you’re not alone! So, we’re covering 4 styling options to consider before you act on that green thumb in this guide to plant shopping. 

1. Shelf Climbers 

If there’s a shelf in your space that could use some love – whether it’s a floating shelf, a bookshelf or a mantle – climbing plants (aka vining plants) add texture and interest that only grows as they do. Philodendron and English ivy are two of our favourites!

2. Bold Standing Statements  

In entryways, corners and utra-neutral spaces, a standing potted plant is often what brings the whole space together. We’re big fans of olive trees, rubber trees and fiddleleaf figs. Tip: When you bring these plants home, treat them to a little mist of H20 and gently wipe the leaves clean to reveal their glow. 

3. Coffee Table and Countertop Pops

If you have an all-white kitchen (check out our very own Katie Rioux’s here) or a coffee table accessorized with more geometric pieces, a little plant addition can go a long way! For a bright, fresh pop of green, we’ve got our eye on zanzibar gems. When it comes to hearty coffee table plants that add interest, we’re suckers for cacti and jade plants. 

4. Bathroom & Powder Room Dwellers 

Few plants are well-suited for your these spaces, but don’t count them out entirely! You’ll want a moisture-loving variety like golden pothos, one that’s happy with little to no light (like the fan-favourite snake plant), or a combination of both (like dainty air plants). If you have a tighter space, try hanging a few. 

P.S. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality planters! Beyond functionality, they’re another opportunity to express your style with intent. We also recommend reaching for porous materials like ceramic, wood and terracotta over plastic. Make sure there’s a hole for drainage, too! And if there’s not? Well, if it’s the perfect pot, we’ve been known to get crafty and pull out the drill. 

Prefer fake foliage or fresh-cut greenery on rotation? When staging a space, we often opt for those too – no shame in our game! Have questions about styling and beyond? Let’s connect!

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