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Nowadays life carries new complexity, with it comes greater value in prioritizing the home as a sanctuary. Here’s our thought on why hiring an Interior Designer can be the best way to go.

We’ve been reflecting on the questions we hear most and it led us to round up why it’s worthwhile to engage an expert for your design project. If you’re hesitant to bring in a pro on your interior dreams, this one’s for you!

You gain a fresh lens on your space 

We’ve spent more time inhabiting our homes than previously imaginable. You may have a distinct vision for transforming your space, but there’s a real benefit to having a fresh, objective, and expert eyes weigh in. Similar to the apathy that comes with work-from-home fatigue, you could be overlooking a solution that would take your space even further. By reimagining possibilities, asking clarifying questions, and posing alternatives, expert support adds potential before you’ve even begun. 

You start the process with an accurate view of timelines 

Game-changing factors are here to stay, at least for a while – from global shipping delays, to changes with vendor landscape and contractor protocols. Every designer wishes they had the secret sauce to shrinking timelines (which we can…to some extent!), but it’s honesty and transparency that gives you a leg-up in this department. With a transparent expert, you’re equipped with realism, and you’re freed from balancing multiple vendor time estimates solo. 

You benefit from vendor connections and industry intel

In general, working with a professional means you get access to fixtures, finishings, furniture and accessories beyond what you’ll find scouring online. We’re among the first made privy to changes, whether it’s specific product inventory or a vendor’s overall offering – and we can call on our relationships to troubleshoot proactively. Unique extenuating factors are more common than in previous times, and when you’re working in collaboration, they’re far more likely to be handled ahead. 


You’re informed to make quick, but well-considered decisions 

With new challenges to inventory replenishment, these times call for prompt decision-making and swift movement into the ordering stage. An expert clarifies the complex and weighs in on aesthetic and functional pros and cons, which allows you to make time-sensitive choices without the stress and “what-ifs.” We educate you on what’s really worth considering, so you can make decisions quickly yet confidently. 

You’re empowered to enjoy the process – without the stress 

It’s worth noting that these benefits all stand the test of time. However, the challenges of a new global reality (like major global shipping backups) mean unique nuances for your project. When an expert is navigating, you can take back the enjoyment and even gain a much-needed sense of normalcy from the process. 

Every space has a story. Let’s tell yours! Ready to start the conversation about your pandemic project? Have questions about our services? Let’s connect!

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