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The day has come! I am opening the metaphorical doors WIDE open and letting all my friends into our beautiful new workspace. First, I want to thank you for your patience as this has been a long time coming. It took us a little while to put all the final touches in all the right spaces but we wanted to make it just right for ourselves and for YOU! Can you blame us? It isn’t very often that we get to design a space for the DWK team – and I wanted it to be exactly how I imagined it in my dreams.

The Plan

Here’s a little sneak of what I had mapped out for the studio in my head. Essentially, four main spaces from this angle but there is also an small outdoor patio (for refreshing beverages in the spring and summer months)!

The DWK Studio Plan


Before we get to the stunning after photos, I thought I’d take a quick skip down memory lane with a few before and in progress shots (bare with me a tiny bit longer).

As the space started to take shape in reality as it did for so long in my head I began to brainstorm how every square inch would be utilized. Finally, all my favourite Pinterest boards were coming to life.

The Loft Wish List

  • Shelf space for samples, decor and accessories
  • A coffee corner to keep my team caffeinated and inspired
  • A large working table for brainstorming and laughs
  • A wall dedicated to our DWK Interiors logo
  • A bright corner for myself to work
  • All the plants and all the good vibes…

To list a few of the ideas bouncing around in my head, keeping me up at night.

You can see the vision taking place. I’ve had my eye on these oversized statement pendants for a while. Every project that popped up in the past year or so, I wondered if I could sneak them into the design… Turns out the dream client for these gems was my very own self. They are the perfect fixture to ground the long space and to light up what I had imagined as a large working table for my team and I.

Okay! Here we go… The after shots!


If you look closely at the framed print behind the peace sign, you can see a black and white sketch of pillows. This was torn out from a decorating work book that belonged to my mother. My crafty / nosy little assistant Katrina found it as we were styling the studio and strongly suggested that we frame it and include it in our design. Haha! I am so glad we did – it brings a cheeky smile to my face and reminds me of where all this started.

This beautiful pin board was a craft all on it’s own. We would definitely want to share that DIY project with you. We definitely underestimated the strength of my husbands staple gun – it made for a lot of laughs amongst the team.

The Logo

I look at this logo every day. As I walk up the stairs it’s the first thing I see. The gold shimmer paired with all the bright greenery really brings a smile to my face.

As you can see greenery, shimmery brass accents and fun / feminine accessories were all staples in our decorating plan. I wanted the space to be a fun and inspiring place for my team and I to collaborate and dream up designs for our clients.

There you have it folks. The DWK studio is no longer a myth that I’ve been talking about endlessly on Instagram! Can you believe it? Is it all you thought it would be? I’d love to hear your feedback over on Instagram – leave us a note over there!

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