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As a-lot of us have started this new year either in lockdowns are encouraged to stay as close to home as possible with no option to travel and escape the winter blues here in Canada is almost non-existent. This means that more and more people are making improvements and updates to their home to make things more functional and to breathe some new life into their spaces.

In today’s post we wanted to give you 4 easy ways to refresh your home this winter.

Declutter and Organize

It’s no secret that January and the start of the new year typically brings on the desire to declutter and get things organized at home. This is probably the best way and most affordable way to be able to refresh your home. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle your entire home, start with the spaces you use most often and get those done first. You will be amazed at how a clear countertop or a clutter-free office space can also clear your mind and provide you with a sense of calm. If you need some motivation there’s some amazing shows currently on Netflix that go through all the techniques, tips and tricks on how to do this efficiently. (Check out: Get Organized with the Home Edit).

Switch Out Light Fixtures 

Lighting is probably one of the best ways to change up a space, giving you huge impact for not a huge investment. Even just switching out your dining room light fixture or the pendant lights above your island can instantly transform the look and feel of your home.

Re-Style Shelves and Coffee Tables

Sometimes you don’t realize how long you’ve had certain items in a certain place on your bookshelves or open shelving in your kitchen. Why fix it if it ain’t broken – however you would be amazed and the change that can be done just by removing all those items and rearranging them in a new and fresh way. If you are tired of certain things you can even go “shopping” in your own home and use pieces that may be from a bedroom or living room and place them on shelves in your kitchen, pull things out of cupboards that may look beautiful on display. The beauty of shelf styling is that you can always tweak, rearrange and redo as many times as you want!

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This is probably a no brainer but if you are up for a somewhat bigger project you can freshen up your rooms by adding a new coat of paint. There is no bigger impact for the lowest cost than new paint. Even putting on a fresh white or switching to a dark and moody vibe can really change the feel of your space. Add in a few new accessories and boom you are good to go with a brand new feeling room.

The winter can be a hard enough season to endure, then add a pandemic and stay at home orders on top of it and you can really start to get cabin fever. If you take a few moments to do even one of these things off this list your home or even one room will feel brand new and bring a new sense of life to your home.

Let us know in the comments below what you have done to refresh your home this year.

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