Navigating a busy schedule that makes your decorating and styling, new-build or reno aspirations feel out of reach? Overwhelmed by decision-making or uncertain about your style? Consider us your genuine guides in design. We’re the safe landing, and your ride’s about to get breezy.
From the big picture, to the details and every layer between, your home is an expression of how you show up in the world. You deserve to love the space you call ‘home’ – when you love the journey too? Well, that’s the spark for more inspired living! 


As perceptive visual storytellers, our nimble team leads with a tailored, yet streamlined process – the industry alternative we’re proud to own.

About DWK Interiors

Katie designs with intention, creating spaces that feel fresh, uncluttered and elevated with a warm, modern touch. She uncovers purposeful places for everyday items, and she isn’t afraid to get bold with pops of colour, unconventional patterns and unexpected art. She experiments with natural elements and layered, rich textures to balance style with comfort, creating spaces her clients never want to leave.

Katie Rioux - The Modernist


Katie’s swear-by design mantra: 

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

Meet the collective

Candice Arcuri - The Eclecticist

Interior Designer

Candice can’t help but conceptualize a complete, well-planned space when she enters a room. She brings individual style out in each of her clients’ spaces by getting to the root of it all. Incorporating well loved, sentimental pieces with an unpredictable take on design is what makes her approach so personal and a touch rebellious! She is all about blending elements from nature with contrasting textures and layers to infuse every eclectic design with intrigue.

candice's swear-by design mantra: 

Always Black


Jenn MacDonald - The Purist


Versatile by nature, Jenn embraces multiple schools of design and unique aesthetics. Her strength is working with couples with opposing styles; weaving differing elements together for a harmonious design is a challenge she’s always up for. Jenn appreciates balance in all her work, curating interiors that feel carefree and comfortable. She merges manmade and natural materials to bring each space together with holistic beauty that celebrates the personalities it was designed for.

jenn's swear-by design mantra: 

Paint and Lighting changes everything