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Simple ways to enhance limited square footage 

If you live in a condo, a small home, or just have a small room in need of a makeover, the natural limitations can feel daunting. But don’t throw in the towel! We’re here to assure you that small spaces hold BIG potential for smart design solutions and distinct, inspired character. To guide the way, we’ve narrowed it down to our most achievable and impactful tips that prioritize form and function. 

1. Keep it light 

Light wall colours are reflective, so they create a sense of brightness, and as we recently shared with Redfin, you can combine light paint hues and lighter furniture to create an illusion of a larger space. When we say light, we’re also referring to light itself! Don’t skip a variety of lighting to save room – flexible options for illuminating your space at any time of day are worth it. Sconce lighting, and arched floor lamps are a couple of our faves for small spaces. P.S. Short on natural light? Large mirrors make a statement while creating the illusion of more light and depth. 

2. Reimagine wallspace 

After paint selection, walls can become an afterthought. Remember: Walls aren’t just there for us to hang things and call it a day! This is especially true in small spaces. As you plan your layout, think about the wall space as square footage available for additional shelving; you can keep it open to showcase your decor, closed for clever storage, or a combination of the two. Where shelving isn’t an option from the floor-up – like your kitchen or bathroom – stacked floating shelves put the space to use and become a home for accessories. A win-win!

3. Create zones 

Over on Redfin, we also shared that when you’re working with a small space, every piece needs to be functional and have a purpose, so it’s important to create zones. At the same time, it’s key that they feel seamless and cohesive. For example: You may have your living space and sleeping space in the same area. The solution: Use rugs of varying texture within the same palette to ground each space, so they feel unified, yet separate! We also recommend “floating” furniture like benches and open back bookcases to define zones and provide a full line of sight throughout the space. 

There you have it, friends! Our top tips for designing your small space, smartly and stylishly  – and there’s plenty more where those came from. 

If you’re considering a reno (or could use an extra set of eyes on your decor), we’re here to be your guide! Our customizable services range from blueprint review and consultation, to interior decor selection and styling, to comprehensive management of the whole makeover process. Plus, as experienced specialists and friends in design, we’re all about swapping intimidation for fun and enjoyment. Sound like what you’re after? Let’s connect.

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