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We often get asked the question about whether or not you can mix different metal finishes in your home and if you can, how do you do it effectively? Metallic accents can add texture and color to any space and we love using different combinations to achieve unique and fresh designs.

Today we are breaking down our answer and top tips on how to mix metals in your home so you can add interest and warmth to your space through the use of these metallic finishes.

1. Determine the metals you want to use

We typically recommend mixing two metals, possibly three but the best place to start is actually selecting the metals that you are drawn to and then looking at their undertones. Do they have a cool tone like chrome or more of a warm undertone like nickel or brass? When selecting your finishes keep this in mind as it will create a more cohesive look.

In this example, we used polished chrome for the cabinet hardware and faucet and then used a brass finish on the lighting fixtures in the space.

2. Always Choose a Dominant Metal

Once you have determined the two to three metals you are going to use you will want to choose the metal that will be the most prominent through your space and home. Choose a dominant metal to start with, this may be your cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, or door handles and then the accent metal can come in through things like decorative accessories.

3. Placement and Balance

When you are at the stage where you are ready to add these metal finishes into your space you will want to take into consideration the placement of those finishes as well as creating a balance so things look seamless. We recommend keeping matching finishes at the same height. For example, light fixtures or pendants in your kitchen in one finish and then your hardware and faucet in the other.

Spreading your accent metal throughout your home helps to tie everything together and create balance.

Here we used brass as an accent in the art on the wall, the drapery rods and decorative accessories on the table centrepiece.

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