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The ‘Covid’ design project we have all been waiting for! A year in the making…can you tell we are excited to finally share this stunning space!?

At our initial design consultation, we knew that this space needed to be modern and moody but we also wanted to bring in some brighter elements throughout. Think a more relaxed ‘James Bond’ look.  

Our client let us know that he was escaping the cold of winter so we did the design presentation prior to his departure and lucky us, he handed over the trust to us to handle everything on his behalf while he golfed throughout the winter months. How lucky for us!

It was important that with the darker floors and cabinetry that we kept the furniture pieces lighter in the Living Room so that they created a nice contrast throughout. We took care of all the furniture in addition to designing the fireplace feature wall to accommodate the addition of the electric fireplace and a niche to fit his TV.

The contrast between the beautiful wood floors, grey painted cabinetry in the kitchen with a white contrast island truly makes this space pop!

We proposed adding two modern chandeliers in the dining area for some extra punch. There was no electrical running into that space so we needed to open up the ceiling to accommodate these fixtures but we knew we wouldn’t regret it!


Everything was running smooth, the fireplace was being framed, furniture was on its way and then COVID-19 hit. When Covid turned into a global pandemic, our warehouse/delivery team was unsure if they would be considered “essential” so we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get all the products delivered to our client! Luckily enough, they were able to offer curb-side delivery but that meant we would be responsible for moving everything ourselves.

Think over a dozen trips up to the 6th floor! And not to forget these products were heavy! We managed to set up our clients entire condo so that he had a place to isolate when returning from the U.S. It was an installation we will never forget!

Coming up in our next blog post we will be revealing his Master Bedroom. We stepped outside of the box on this one and we can’t wait to see what you think! It’s very different from anything we have done before. Stay tuned!

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