Our Rocky Ridge Living Room Transformation

We honestly love nothing more than a great client reveal and this one does just that! When a room has really been transformed past our client’s expectations, it makes our job seem like not a job at all. This living room project really brought our ideas and the client’s vision to life with the newly brightened space, not to mentioned the blue accents which really transformed this dull-feeling room.



When we first sat down with the client, they wanted a clean, welcoming, uncluttered feel to their home. They both have taken early retirement and like to travel, so they wanted a space that was all “done” but easy to lock up when they head on vacation.

Conversation was #1 on their priority list so we wanted to make sure the seating arrangement allowed for just that; easy entertaining. With that in mind, they also use this space for TV watching during the day so we wanted to make sure the fireplace/built in TV cabinet was visible.

From the design quiz on our website, they fell into the category ‘New Naturalist,’ so we wanted to incorporate neutrals, cleans lines but with a little rustic twist. Greys, creams, blacks and blues were their favourite colour choices so we wanted to try to incorporate all. This new look comes together with the fabric choices on the upholstery, the greys of the concrete accent tables and the pops of blue in the art, rug and pillows.

We kept the original wall colour and fireplace tile and incorporated those into the overall design. We suggested a colour for the built-ins and kitchen cabinets that would work alongside the elements that were already there.

What do you think of the new look? Comment below!