How we work as a Design Team

Since I first started this business I always knew that I wanted a strong team working alongside me in a collaborative environment for our clients. Over the last four years, we have developed a great system not only in our design process but in our relationship as a team. We are a small but mighty team of four and today I wanted to share with you some of the key elements that help us work together seamlessly as a team.

First up, we balance each other out. We each have our different strengths and weaknesses which when all paired together makes such a well-rounded and diverse skillset to bring to our clients. One thing we do all have in common and a value I have instilled in the business is to always give the straight-up truth – if things are off the rails or we need help we always lead with the truth and aren’t afraid to ask.

Communication is key, especially leading a team. More often than not we are all head-down in our different client projects and busy running between site visits and installs but I have found that taking the time to check-in with each team member has been invaluable. I make a point of doing weekly check-ins with each of the team members to see how they are doing, touch base on projects, and answer any questions they may have. This helps keep us connected despite our busy schedules and I always have a pulse on all the moving pieces at any given time.

Collaboration! Another key element in having a successful design team is collaboration. We all work together by helping each other with tasks if necessary. Sometimes deadlines will be fast approaching and we are juggling so many things at once that we will all pull together to help each other push the projects across the finish line.

I know this is so cliche and I almost hesitate even saying it but it’s so true and especially true for this company. “There is no I in TEAM.” (I know I know…but stay with me) We are always here to support one another and we truly all come together on each and every remodel, renovation, new build, or decorating project from idea to the final reveal. We always have a lead designer on each client project but work together to bounce ideas off each other and create the final concept.

When running a design firm, I also take responsibility when things don’t go as planned, which in design can happen more often than not when working with multiple trades and deadlines. We are one and never place blame on anyone or single anyone out, we rise together and we fall together as one.

It is such a privilege working with such an amazing group of women and getting to work with such an incredible team. I always do my best to make sure they each feel important, heard and that I value their opinion no matter what. If you lead a team within your design company I will leave you with this final piece of advice…let each member of your team feel like they are part of the business, giving them ownership over their set role and responsibilities. Knowing you are all working towards a common goal can make such a difference.

Oh! And remember to always take time to celebrate! Not just the big wins but the small ones too.

Who We Are

We are all about designing spaces to leave impressions on our clients with a seamless, trustworthy approach.