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We’ve talked a lot about master bedrooms lately over here on DWK so we wanted to change direction and talk about kid’s rooms! Your children’s room is just as much of a sanctuary for them as your room is for you so you want to make it special for them. The first thing to think about when designing your kid’s room is determining if it is going to match the rest of the house in terms of style and colours or are you going to have it reflect your child’s personality and their favourite colours and themes. 

Here at DWK Interiors, we suggest you consider a timeless look so that they can grow with it. Selecting neutral paint colors, but having fun with the interchangeable products such as art, pillows & accessories.

If you redecorate your kid’s room during this time at home, we would love to see! Tag us on Instagram to show us your before and afters.

PC: Studio Mcgee

Here we’ve listed the 5 things we recommend keeping in mind when designing your child’s room:

1. Paint 

The colour of the room is key and the foundation for the vibe of the room. Like we mentioned above, are you going with the same colour palette as the rest of your house or are you going to make this kind of like a statement room for your child?

2. Furniture

Do you already have furniture that you want to keep in the room or furniture you can bring from other areas of the house? Do a little inventory on what you have, what you don’t need and anything else you want to bring in. When it comes to Furniture, we recommend choosing durable, yet soft and cozy!

3. Wallpaper / Art

Beautiful art looks great in any room for any age! It can really tie in the theme of the room & make it brighter. We love choosing something that reflects the child’s personality and something that they would love to look at while still keeping the feel of the room. When it comes to Wallpaper, think bold and creative – another great way to personalize & customize your kids room .

4. Storage

This is a must for any room, but especially a kid’s when they have so many toys, books, clothes and other toys lying around. Add in storage space such as under the bed, extra shelves in the closet or a wide dresser to make sure everything has a home. We love incorporating baskets into our designs for extra storage as well as ottomans that can have duo-function!

PC: Studio Mcgee

5. Accessorizing 

This is the place to have fun! Add in those themed pieces to really show off their interests. Don’t shy away from showing off their books, hand crafted art pieces or their favorite toy!

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