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By Katie Rioux — Founder and Principal at DWK Interiors

As we wrap the year, I find myself settling into a season filled with immense gratitude and appreciation for the art of surrendering. Life lately feels a bit like hanging in the balance of a paradox—where we’re simultaneously riding a high [ filled with pride for our powerhouse team and ever-evolving business ] while also being humbled by what’s out of our control. Afterall, what’s SWEET without bitterness—or yin without yang! 

I’ve been reflecting on life’s lessons and love notes of late—reminiscing on the many triumphs and missteps of the season past. A few notable learnings for all of us seeking sustainable success [ in life and in business ] have recently come out of the woodwork—

Service ≠ Sacrifice — I’m a firm believer that success does not require you to be at the mercy of it. When we show up for ourselves first, devoted to maintaining balance in all aspects, we’re able to be present with the unconditional energy that our clients [ and their spaces ] deserve. Fuelling your soul FIRST allows the flow of creation to come effortlessly.  

Aligned ActionWhen we create with other beings that march to the beat of the same drum, we all win. Be intentional about manifesting projects and clients who reciprocate an appreciation for your process. In lockstep alignment, the relationship can flow with ease and spark positive experiences all around. 

Presence vs. Distraction — Be ever-present in those opportunities that feel organic, natural and effortless. Revel in what you attract vs. chasing what you think you desire—because sometimes what we believe we should pour ourselves into is not not where our energy is best spent.

When the out-of-our-control unexpectedly arises, our gut reaction is to fight or flight. Instead of resisting, allow. Rather than fighting, feel. Find the sweetness in surrender and rethink those roadblocks as opportunities to walk a different path, pursue a new direction, and make space for greatness! 

Or simply, take pause and ponder… where to from here?  

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