Stampede-Inspired Design

We are over here dusting off our cowboy boots and wrangling up (pun intended) our best looks for the Greatest Show on Earth. Being in Calgary, you can’t escape the Western glow that takes over our city for 10 days, so if you can’t beat em’, join em’. 

We don’t just want to leave the Western vibes for the midway, you can bring in Stampede-esque pieces to your home to give it a country feel. We’re not talking about full-blown cowboy barn, but we love mixing in cow prints, antlers or any sort of rustic feel to a space. You can keep a space modern, yet spice it up with a Western feel. We’ve put together some of our favourite Stampede-inspired spaces to give you ideas if you want to incorporate the West into your home this summer!


It’s easy to bring Western hints into the bedroom, from cowhide pillowcases to Western-inspired paintings. Just a subtle touch, can really bring out the rodeo feel. Save a horse, ride a cowboy, right?

Living Room & Kitchen

We’re loving cowhide rugs and antler wall hangings in the living room and kitchen. Spaces can still be kept modern and bright, but add in a touch of that Calgary Stampede feel. You can also add antlers to your coffee table, on top of books or if you’re really feeling it, antler chandeliers can be a sophisticated statement light in your kitchen or dining room.

Accessories & Furniture

If you want to go a little further, there are lots of cool pieces with Stampede-style patterns on them. These statement pieces will definitely give your home a Western feel and we’re not even mad about it. We are also obsessed with country accessories throughout the house, like cowboy hats on the wall and cactus as house plants.

How have you incorporated that Stampede style into your home? Share with us below!

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