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It’s spring! It doesn’t really look or feel like it here in Calgary, but if we say it enough, it will just happen, right? We’re going with it, so please play along.

You may be thinking, “Do I have to redecorate every season?!” And we’re here to answer with an obscure, “Well, kind of.” But only the little things, we promise. If your home is decorated correctly, and by that we mean outfitted with the right size furniture and art, then redecorating from season to season is oh so easy and doesn’t involve a huge overhaul.

Let’s set the record straight right off the bat: we’re not asking you to go out and buy an intricate bunny and egg collection, although if you happen to have one already, we’re very jealous. We would merely like to suggest a few (OK, seven) subtle changes in accessories and styling that will leave your space refreshed and ready for spring!

1. Swap Out Winter Textures

Trade your winter whites and warm textures like fur and wool weaves for lighter throws and colourful accent pillows. Lightweight Turkish towels make for a perfect spring throw.

2. Shower Your Plants

Obviously, you need to water your plants regularly (we hope you do this already), but around springtime it can be extra nice to give your plants a wash. Take a spray bottle of water and a soft cloth and really shine those leafy greens. They’ll be extra fresh and ready for the spotlight.

3. Get Brighter with Books

Filter through your  book collection for hardcovers with colour and pattern. Put them on display on your coffee table, bookshelves, and any other space that is available for styling. You can stack them horizontally and place a plant or candle on top, or line them up vertically and use a plant or candle as a bookend.

4. Freshen Up with Florals

Fresh cut flowers instantly brighten up a room. What’s the Miranda Priestly line from The Devil Wears Prada? “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Nothing can make your heart skip a beat like a spray of tulips or bountiful hydrangeas. Pick up a bundle (or two or three) from your local grocery store or treat yourself to a unique bouquet from a florist. Forget Miranda Priestly: you can’t go wrong with fresh cut flowers.

5. Recreate a Spring Scent

Spring scent. It’s a thing! When the weather starts to get warmer, you can actually smell spring. Try to recreate this scent at home with a new scent in the nebulizer, a room spray mist, or a fresh candle.

6. Go Green, but Keep it Simple

Low maintenance greenery is a great option for everyone but especially those without a green thumb. We like to accessorize our clients’ homes with greenery that dries well and holds its shape without wilting. In the winter months, we’ll use wheat, pussy willow, or cotton for dried arrangements because they add height and warmth to a space. In the spring, we suggest switching these out with equally low maintenance plants such as eucalyptus or lavender.

7. Get Fruity with It

We like to fill large display bowls with lemons or oranges and keep them on the kitchen island or dining table. But why not go for the unexpected and opt for the unique shape of artichokes? We love the dimension they add to a space.

Well, there you have it! Our seven tricks to refresh your space for spring! Which one do you think has the most impact?


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