West Springs


A brand new home presented a blank slate and a chance for this family of four to step out of their comfort zone. Balancing an elevated design, while creating a space that could function for two young twin boys was the task at hand. We said ‘good bye’ to beige, creating something completely different.

Decor Direction

This wide-open build required some character; with beautiful bones the hope was to make a functional statement. To ensure the Kitchen, Dining & Living Room flowed; we carried the light grey and neutral palette throughout, mixing in hints of rich navy blue, woods and metal materials. Accented windows with sunset light filtering shades and cream custom drapery panels made for a whimsical warm touch. Strategically placed modern artwork on either side of the fireplace designated this room as a true place to gather. Accessories, including pops of orange and a busy pattern area rug melded ‘bold’ with ‘classic’ to give this space some intrigue.

Awards & Features

  • Third Place Award ‘Dream Room Award’, International Dream Room Contest