Modern Farmhouse? Heck, yeah! It has become a popular design thanks to Joanna Gains! A rustic, modern approach with a touch of industrial is how this design came together. Weaving unexpected elements with a neutral background and pops of warm colors throughout!

Decor Direction

When you first walk into this house, you’re greeted with a bright, clean space with the natural light spilling through the large door windows. If you haven’t noticed yet, bright and white spaces are my favourite and you’ll see that throughout the rest of the house! What can I say, I can’t resist those sharp lines and big, airy spaces.

Every single part of the design was carefully planned and curated to really make this new space feel like us. After the long building and design process, we sit in our living room and just take it all in. You should feel proud of your home and we definitely can say we are!