New-Traditional Home in Mount Royal | Living Room Reveal

Modern furniture with a cozy edge proves the perfect fit for a large New-Traditional style living room in our Mount Royal project. Today we’re showing you the behind-the-scenes of how we took an old-school home into the stylish realm of New Traditional. We’re also highlighting how to fill a large space without crowding it. 


Here’s a little tour of what the space looked like before. The furniture did not fit the space in terms of scale or functionality. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this space is actually quite large and naturally well-lit. 

The TV stand is awkwardly placed in the corner on an angle, which is not an efficient use of space and blocks the patio doors. We also don’t recommend buying a full set of the same furniture style. When we analyzed the floor plan, we recommended two sofas and two chairs, all in different styles for an inviting and eclectic feel.


Although we don’t advocate hanging a TV above a fireplace, it was the most practical and functional option. It freed up a lot of floor space and allows for the best possible layout of the room. 


With such a large footprint, the space required custom-sized sofas to create unity and a feeling of completion. We chose mixed neutrals with charcoal accents that provided depth and interest. We wanted to make an impact without creating the feeling that you couldn’t sit in the space. The room needed to be a comfortable space where our clients could binge-watch Netflix but also impress their guests. Many of our clients worry that a lot of furniture translates into a “show home” feel rather than a “lived in” style. We always reassure our clients that we can achieve the perfect balance of comfortable and chic.

These clients were looking for a classic design with a modern feel, but with an edge. Once we presented the two sofas and this incredible statement rug, they were sold. At that point it was all about adding in the finishing touches. 

But then we hit a snag.  Every time we came across a coffee table that our clients loved, none of them were actually large enough for the space. The solution? Two marble coffee tables. We didn’t want to cover up the dynamic pattern of the rug, so we chose coffee tables with an airy feel. The marble top table with a simple and clean silver frame was the perfect solution. 

The grey-stained end tables added some masculinity and contrasted the cream colour, and we threw in some pillows, table lamps, and accessories to finish of the cozy vibe.

One of our favourite parts of install day is having our clients’ homes to ourselves to go wild with accessorizing. When we’re shopping for accessories, we might seem like we’re going a little overboard – filling our carts with the best each store has to offer. Upon install day when every accessory finds its place (like we had nothing to do with it or didn’t move every item a thousand times), we’re always impressed that we got exactly the right amount of accessories for the space. That’s the magic of design.

It’s hard to describe the satisfaction of styling a space from start to finish and then sitting down and taking it all in. Why don’t you try it? We’ve put together a blog post on how to style a coffee table – read it here – give it a try and see if you feel the same sense of pride we thrive on. 

With an overall two-tone neutral palette for the project, it was important to introduce various textures: different metals, fabrics, wood tones, and plants to make the space more inviting and interesting. The layered texture concept can be seen in every detail of the space, from the focal point fireplace with various rocks, the art above the sofa, to the accessories spread throughout the room. Layering textures is the key element to ensuring a space doesn’t feel stagnant. This subtle technique usually goes unnoticed, unless you sit in the space or scroll through the photos and point out each detail. Then the layering really starts to jump out at you.

We’re particularly in love with this charcoal leather sofa that perfectly embodies the New-Traditional theme. The tight-tufted back gives it an Old-World vibe, whiles the clean lines of the frame give it a modern feel.

What are your thoughts on this transformation? Do you see why we had to go with two coffee tables? What would you do differently if this was your living room? Leave us your notes in the Comments below. We love to hear your feedback! 

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