Mount Royal Master Bedroom & Bathroom Reveal

Fuelled by our last blog post Mastering the Master Bedroom, we can’t wait to share the details of our latest drool-worthy master bedroom. But today you’re getting a two-for-one: a master bedroom and a master bathroom. Both of these rooms are a feast for the eyes.

We have so much more to show you from our latest Mount Royal project. Our lovely client has the luxury of a life of travel and doesn’t have time to add the finishing touches to his incredible home. He had two requests: curate every nook and cranny with cozy and inviting details, and incorporate his vintage rugs into the new style. Cue the capes and dramatic superhero entrance. The ladies at DWK can rescue this bachelor in distress. We waved our magic wand and styled, accessorized, and coordinated every space in his home.

Ready? Let’s dive in!


We had a few gems to work with in the master bedroom: a vaulted ceiling, an upholstered headboard, and an 8 x 10 vintage rug. And even though the client’s bedding was custom made, we wanted something different—something that would soften the space and lighten it up. We were tasked with essentially bringing some life to this room.


Wow, right? What a difference a few changes can make. For the bed, we chose white bedding with a subtle band of stripes and white pillows of various shapes and stripes. The two forest-green pillows add a pop of colour and complement the vintage rug and the artwork. For the windows, we chose custom drapery in white and another subtle pattern that elegantly frames the large windows and helps cozy up the entire room. For the walls, we hung one stunning piece of original art by the talented Patrick Markle, a Canadian Contemporary Landscape Artist. We collaborated with Calgary’s Art Match to select the original art for this project. The headboard wall is now a focal point in the space that demands attention. To finish the room and fill it up, we placed a tufted bench at the edge of the bed.



This project is a testament to how a few modern touches can inject new life into traditional textiles and colours. Note how the varying scales and patterns of stripes, diamonds, and plaids work to create interest and dimension. The brown, taupe, and grey tones used throughout the room are indeed traditional, yet the overall feel of the space is modern and inviting. 

Let’s move on to a master bathroom that is truly designed for a king (at least in our opinion).


I mean, marble walls, a vintage rug, and a soaker bathtub just begging to be surrounded by candlelight? If this master bath doesn’t scream royalty, we don’t know what does. Our client’s only request for this space was a floor-to-ceiling mirror for his girlfriend, er, I mean queen. What a dreamboat, right? We added a few more accents and final touches that really pulled the space together and gave it that luxury-hotel feeling. 


We did as the king asked, and added a windowpane mirror outlined in black iron to complement the light fixture. We placed a black iron accent table next to the tub, which is not only an impactful piece in the room but practical as well—it’s just big enough for a book, a glass of wine, or a scented candle. What master bathroom doesn’t need a little wallpaper? We added a climbing floral print that was the perfect complement to the marble floors and walls.

Sigh…parting is such sweet sorrow. But we’ll be back soon with more rooms to show you from this beautiful Mount Royal home. Have any questions about this master bedroom and bathroom? Ask us in the Comments below.

Design Lead by Katrina Ramsvik
Photographed by Lindsay Nichols
Art curated by Art Match

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