Mastering the Master Bedroom: Where to Spend Your Money

So you want to tackle your master bedroom? You don’t want to go crazy, but you want to take it from “meh” to “me-ow!” You don’t know where to start, but you don’t want to break the bank. Ok, well that’s a good start! 

We’ll help you take on this project with a checklist of furniture and accessory items and tips on what not to do, all the while sharing some beautiful master bedrooms to get your design wheels turning.

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Pinned to our Bedrooms board on Pinterest.

Whether you have a brand-new blank slate to work with or are simply trying to revamp your old master suite, this is the checklist you’ll need to make your room complete. We’ve compiled this list ranging from most important to least important, and we’ve included a few dollar signs ($) to highlight where you should splurge.

Priority Checklist:

1. Bed and/or headboard ($$):

Bed and/or headboard ($$): If you want to keep your existing bed frame, we suggest adding a new headboard. If you need both, invest your money in a good quality bed and headboard.

2. Ceiling Light Fixture ($):

Updating the main light fixture in your bedroom is always a must. Choose a modern option of medium to high quality. You don’t need to spend all your budget here, but a low-quality light fixture just won’t add the pizazz you’re looking for. The ceiling fixture should make a statement, so make sure it’s the right statement.

3. Bedside Tables:

A big faux pas in the decorating world is to walk into a store and buy an entire bedroom set. Please don’t do this. Instead, find bedside tables that complement your bed. The size of the tables will depend on the amount of space on either side of the bed. You don’t want to simply buy the largest bedside table that the space allows, this will overwhelm the space and make the room feel smaller than it is. Allow for some clearance between the tables and the wall if you have a smaller space.

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Pinned to our Bedrooms board on Pinterest.

4. Bedside Lighting:

Bedside lighting will depend on the size of the bedside tables. Perhaps your master bedroom is small, and your bedside tables can only accommodate your current reading obsession or your iPad. No problem. Consider installing sconces above your bedside table to save space.

5. Dresser ($$):

Hands up if you’ve ever purchased an Ikea dresser and the bottom of the drawer slipped out within a month of purchasing (or as soon as you filled it with all your shirts). Don’t get us wrong. We love a good Ikea find, but sometimes the quality is lacking, and you shouldn’t skimp on quality for your dresser. However, before you run out and buy an expensive one, ask yourself if you really need it. Maybe your closet is big enough to house your clothing. Just because you have the space for a dresser doesn’t mean you need one. Some art or a large mirror with a bench could fill this space instead. 

6. Area Rug:

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, an area rug is a must-have. It unites your furniture, grounds the space, and adds another texture or colour to the room to make it even cozier.

7. Bedding and Accent Pillows:

There are so many different price points for bedding at all quality ranges, so it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to spend. We suggest investing in neutral sheets and then accessorizing with accent pillows and throws that you can change out seasonally. We’ve put together an entire blog post on how to accessorize your bed with accent pillows. Check it out here.

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Pinned to our Bedrooms board on Pinterest.

8. Drapery ($):

We don’t typically recommend draperies in every room, but we highly recommend them in a master bedroom. Incorporating either traversing blackout drapes or simple stationary panels really add a layer of warmth to the windows, making the space even more inviting and cozy. There are so many options for drapery fabric and prints that can complement whichever style you’re looking to achieve in your master bedroom. The only must with drapery is to make sure you have the right length. We obviously love the look of a custom job that goes floor-to-ceiling or the perfect height between the trim of the window and the ceiling, but custom drapery may not be in everyone’s budget. To read more about custom drapery, check out this blog post

9. Accessories:

Don’t forget the final touches that bring it all together. Think about putting accents on surfaces and bare walls, but don’t overdo it. Remember to always keep some white space on walls and surfaces. Think about grouping accessories and incorporating textures/colours that are found in your furniture, area rug, and bedding, or you can complement these colours and textures with a contrasting material or fabric. Check out our blog post on how to style coffee tables—most of these rules can be applied to styling any surface. 

We hope this checklist has been helpful! If you have any questions that we didn’t answer in this blog post, feel free to ask us in the Comments below or send us a DM on Instagram!

Our next blog post is a reveal of a master bedroom we just recently finished in Calgary’s Mount Royal! We can’t wait to show you all the before and afters!