Las Vegas Market Recap

The DWK Team does World Market 2018

This year it was definitely a last minute decision to head to the World Market in Las Vegas but it is always a good one to make! The World Market is a time to see new product launches with our wonderful vendors and to also curate and add to our incredible list of suppliers! I always get asked “what is Market Like?”… Well, just think of an Outlet Mall but all Home Decor products. Sound like heaven? It kind of is! With over 4,000 suppliers, there is so much to see… unlimited eye candy and home decor inspo everywhere you look and a weeks worth of steps to max out your step counter.

Last year, it seemed that every booth we stepped into was showcasing black and gold accents which was a BIG trend in the home decor world and still is. This year, we were blown away by all the new and exciting trends and we wanted to recap our big takeaways for you, our readers. So we are sharing the Top 5 Trends that we loved most and can’t wait to use in our clients homes in 2018!

Top Trend # 1
Big + Bold Statement Art Pieces

Big and bold statement art pieces are a hot new trend.
Big and bold statement art pieces are a hot new trend.

Step aside elaborate gallery wall, there’s a new kid in town.

Seriously, it does not get better than this! It seemed that almost every showroom had big and bold statement pieces and we couldn’t get enough of this look! The art pieces in each of these rooms will grab the attention of almost anyone walking into them. I love how they all evoke emotion and create such interest into each of these spaces. Each piece adds character, colour and drama! Some of these are brand new to our product lines we carry and we couldn’t be more happy to have access to them. One of the best parts of this trend is that it is a lot more simple to execute than the former gallery wall trend. 

Top Trend # 2
Green + Camel

Green and Camel are trending colors this season.
Green and Camel are trending colors this season.

We couldn’t believe how much green and chartreuse tones were sprinkled throughout the market! Paired with camel – WOW! But even stand alone, these two colours combined are sure to create a draw-dropping palette that have a big impact in any space. This green velvet sofa was a showstopper with its luxe fabric and deep tufting – it seemed it always had many butts sitting on it! Camel is such a timeless tone and truly can work with any space as the main attraction or as a fantastic complement. 

Green tufted sofa
Leather bench in a rich camel tone

Green cushion
Tufted leather occasional char in a rich camel tone.

Top Trend # 3
Fur and… More Fur

Fur is a top trend this season.  Two fur foot stools sit neatly underneath  a console table.
Fur is a top trend this season.  Two white fur arm chairs with gold accents are pictured here.

Seems that this just keeps getting bigger in the design industry! I love how fur can really be added to almost any design style – contemporary, rustic, boho, Scandinavian – you name it. It adds such a lush texture to a space and people are loving it. And needless to say that… we are too! 

Top Trend # 4
Oversized Lighting 

Make sure to look up because the light fixtures are getting bigger, better and more grandiose! And gosh, do they ever claim a space. These are some of the ones we have our eyes on right now…

Top Trend # 5
Funky Shapes

One that we are seriously stoked for! Let’s get outside of the box and infuse our homes with things that aren’t so ordinary like these products we thought were super unique this year. 

What do you think? Which home decor trend are you DYING to incorporate in your home? Leave us a comment below because we want to know!