How To Minimize Clutter at Home With Kids

This one goes out to all our friends with kids (and those type A personalities who like order, control, and everything in its place). It’s easy to keep your home organized when you don’t have any mini tornadoes following you around undoing all your hard work, but if your kids didn’t get the memo about living clutter-free, fret no more. We’ll help you o hide, disguise, and organize.  

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1. Functional furniture with easy-access storage.

This kind of furniture comes in all shapes and forms; just make sure the  storage function is easily accessible for you and the kids. 

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You can stop clutter in its tracks right at the front door with a closet or cabinet with sliding bins or eye-catching baskets. The moment your family walks in the door, everyone can throw in hats, mitts, scarves, backpacks, soccer balls, baseball gloves, anything.  

Entryway Design by Jillian Harris

Hidden storage is a godsend. Consider a two-level coffee table with baskets on the lower level to hide everything from electronics to baby chew toys. They’re always available when needed, and kids have easy access for a quick tidy-up when it’s time to remove the clutter from sight.

Coffee Table envy courtesy of Studio McGee

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Here are some of our favourite baskets that double as storage and stunning accessories. Double whammy!

Have you seen the poufs with removable lids? You now have a stylish toy bin that doubles for additional seating. Guests will never know they’re sitting on your child’s entire Lego collection.

Under-bed storage is a great option for making clutter disappear in a small bedroom. Bed frames with built-in drawers are a great option but so are rolling plastic containers with wheels that you can slip under the box spring. Your child’s excessive hot wheels or stuffy collection will no longer be your nemesis. 

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2. A home for everything.

This might seem obvious, but a home for everything is one of the best systems for minimizing clutter. If each toy, electronic, or clothing item has a designated place where it belongs, and your kids know it, keeping clutter to a minimum is suddenly a whole lot easier. 

Children’s Shelf Inspiration by Studio McGee

Adult Shelf Inspiration by Rue Magazine

Have you ever purged a closet and taken pride in how clean, tidy, and organized it is? Better still, you now find that you no longer dump all your clothes on the chair in the bedroom. And gone are the days when you never quite get around to putting your laundry away but instead dress yourself from the pile of clean clothes on the bench at the bottom of the bed. You may agree that it’s easier to stay on top of the clutter when everything has a proper home. The same goes for kids. Agree together where items belong, and let them be responsible for returning items to the correct spots.

3. Rotate.

When kids are young, you can sometimes feel like your home has turned into an aisle at Toys ’R’ Us. Colourful plastic toys seem to commandeer every inch of space, each with their own enchanting electronic melody that sticks in your mind day and night. 

Don’t be scared to tuck toys away. Kids don’t need access to all their toys all at once. I think it even stresses them out. Keep a selection of toys available at any given time, and when you think your child is growing tired of them, rotate them for the toys you’ve hidden away. Keeping some toys tucked away also reduces the likelihood of a toy explosion in every room during the thirty seconds you were in the washroom. 

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Do you have any life-saving storage solutions that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments below. We’re always keen to learn the latest tricks!