Full Makeover & Remodel Reveal | Priddis Project

This project in Priddis is sure to satisfy your before-and-after cravings. We’ve provided a number of photos that really show how we took this home from out-dated and traditional to up-dated and modern. The entire project included a staircase remodel, master bedroom and bathroom makeover, as well as living room and dining room facelifts. We can’t wait to hear which space is your favourite, so keep track as you scroll through. 

This project really began with the renovation, which comes with its own unique set of problems. Luckily, when it came to design matters, our client had a clear vision (minimalistic) and a lot of great ideas (touches of glamour). She trusted us to make it a reality, and we were up to the challenge.

A minimal chic style requires a lot of thought and careful reflection. Subtle metallic wallpaper throughout each space catches the eye, and a curated selection of alluring furniture pieces and accessories make the home cohesive.

Before | Bedroom

After | Bedroom

Wallpaper hesitation was not a problem for our client, but to stay in line with the monochromatic colour palette, we opted for a minimal geometric print. The bay window deserved some special attention too, and custom drapery in a classic white linen fabric was the way to go. An area rug grounded the space and also highlighted the bed’s upholstered headboard and frame. Mirrored bedside tables added brightness and glamour to the room without skimping on storage. 

Before | Master Bath

After | Master Bath

This is indeed the same master bath. The dark walls and cabinets made the space feel cramped and heavy. The white cabinets, glass shower doors, and marble floors open up the space and make it lighter and more spacious.

Before | Staircase Remodel

After | Staircase Remodel

It doesn’t take much to update a staircase these days—especially when you hire someone to paint each spindle. That’s right—we didn’t replace the staircase: the railing, panelling, and spindles have been painted, and the hardwood floors were re-stained to a richer, darker hue. This distinctive staircase now curves along a geometric print wallpaper that accentuates the height of the wall. Silver sconces add that extra bit of sparkle to complement the metallic sheen in the wallpaper. What a difference!

Before | First Floor

After | First Floor

This space needed an update—the window treatment alone makes that clear. We gave it a major facelift and turned it into a bright and inviting space for lounging and entertaining. The two stationary panels at the window are a lot less bulky, and they draw your eye to the window without making them the only focal point in the space. The metallic coffee table, side tables, and accessories up the glamour game, while a few pops of colour add interest. 

Before | Dining Room

After | Dining Room

his space was a little overwhelming before in terms of space, and a little underwhelming in terms of style. We changed all that with a couple coats of paint, a standout light fixture, a rustic dining table, and four luxe dining chairs. That’s all you need for a dining room makeover that packs a punch. We added the same wallpaper print to the accent wall to tie it all together and make a statement. Oh, and of course you need accessories to finish it off. We didn’t want to mask the accent wall but it felt a little bare without the sculptural wall décor. 

After | Powder Room

Matte. Black. Silver. A bold print in a bold colour in the powder room makes such an insane impact and is the perfect feature for a small space. Art can sometimes be too much for a powder room because there isn’t enough space to take it in. But wallpaper? Well…need I say more?

OK, I will say a little bit more. The DWK Team couldn’t be more proud of this transformation. Although there is so much to take in, we want to know which room or design feature was your favourite. The dining room? The wallpaper in the powder room? The magical staircase?  Express yourself in the Comment section below.