2 Day Principal Bedroom Makeover: Ryan & Whitney

We are BEYOND excited to be revealing our first 2 Day Principal Bedroom makeover to you! If you remember, we received applicants back in November and it was tough, but we picked and transformed a master bedroom for a beautiful couple and their daughter!

The couple moved into their dream home last January and wanted to create a master bedroom from scratch without any of the previous furniture. She was 5 months pregnant when they moved in and weren’t able to create their dream principal bedroom. That’s where we came in!

The design was 100% a surprise to the couple (make sure you check out the video below for their reactions!). They sent us their ideas and design inspiration but ultimately they trusted their master bedroom in our hands.

In just 2 days, we transformed their less than exciting bedroom into the bedroom of their dreams. The final result was a space that is bright, spacious, airy and very calming. We are as thrilled with how it turned out!



Who We Are

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